Smart Water Management Systems

Smart Water Management Systems

Right data at right time - To make the right decisions.

Managing the supply of water is becoming a critical task for cities and their water utilities around the world. Particularly as they try to create sustainable businesses and deal with the effects of climate change, which increases the propensity of drought in many parts of the world.

Telecon Smart Water Management Systems can provide a more resilient and efficient water supply system, reducing costs and improving sustainability. Our Smart water system is more than measuring the flow from storage to consumption. It is a system integrated to achieve Supervisory monitoring and control over the distribution operations with Data acquisition by ensuring right quantity and quality of water at right time.

Telecon Smart Water Management Solution offers various benefits.

  • The solution adopts a grid-based water meter system, monitors the pipeline network in real time, and rapidly locates pipeline failures to enable leakage analysis.
  • Total accountability in Water production and distribution system.
  • Automatic meter reading effectively, helps to reduce user complaints and improve service quality.
  • Data related to water, such as quality, pressure, and temperature, can be managed elaborately and visually to enhance the capabilities of water utilities.
  • Uniform distribution of water can be achieved through out the supply area eliminating imbalances.
  • Continuous data assessment can ensure water Quality & Quantity.
  • Continuous monitoring and display of network flow status and supervisory controls.
  • Online information and historical data helps in managing demand variations.
  • Automated reports help in taking timely decisions and planning.
  • Continuous monitoring of overflows, leakages at various stages of distribution to control wastage.

Our Telecon Smart Water Management Solution exists to help us optimize the water use. With the use of our Smart Water Management system, the challenges that are faced in water management are eliminated through remote monitoring and the use of various sensing technologies and quick response time.

The key benefit attained by our clients in the water industry can reap from implementing Telecon Smart Water Management solutions is an overall optimization of resource consumption. Detecting leakages, quality assurance, and matching demand with supply of water is where the statistical methods which are unlocked through Smart Water Management solutions shine best. The implementation in the water infrastructure makes sure no drop goes to waste because every drop counts.