Calibration lab


We have set up a state of art Calibration facility at NOIDA (UP) India for Mass, Dimension, Temperature & Pressure Instruments . The lab is equipped with latest digital Reference Standards with very high accuracy. The facility has already been accreditated by NABL- India for calibration of Temperature Instruments and Pressure Instruments . We are planning to include Electrical Parameters in our scope for which we have already initiated procurement of Reference standards

Temperature Calibration

Thermometer, Pyrometer, Thermocouple Calibration And More
Temperature Calibration of ovens, furnaces and temperature measuring instruments guarantees that accurate temperatures are maintained and displayed on readouts. Regular calibration of the equipment is basic for energy efficiency and for predictable, quality production. A few ventures likewise require temperature calibration services for regulatory compliance.
Top-of-the-line Fluke calibration equipment is used throughout the temperature calibration lab and for services performed in the field to verify optimal performance from your temperature instruments. The computerized equipment records all calibration readings, then we output the results from a database to ensure accurate reporting in our calibration certificates.

Temperature Calibration Process

Telecon Systems uses various procedures to perform temperature calibration on a wide-range of instruments both in our lab and in the field. Digital recorder and thermometer calibration take place on a Fluke multi-process calibrator that runs a Met/Cal software suite for multi-product Fluke calibration. Temperature readings are then taken from the test instruments and contrasted with the programmed output to determine their accuracy. Any distinction between the actual temperature and the reading indicated is noted.

Pyrometer calibration, thermocouple calibration and some recorder and thermometer calibration services are completed using dry-wells and liquid-baths with temperature ranges from -45° C to 700° C. The fluid in temperature baths and atmosphere in dry wells/blocks are set to a particular temperature for calibration. Once the appropriate temperature is reached, the test instrument and a standard are set into the bath or well for an examination of readings. Surface probes and some thermometers are calibrated on special hot plates.

Pressure Calibration

Barometer, Manometer, Pressure Gauge Calibration And More
Pressure Calibration compares the output of a device used to measure and display pressure with that of a pressure measurement standard. Routine pressure calibration services will help ensure the accuracy and precision of pressure measuring instruments.
Telecon Systems performs pressure calibration to 40,000 PSI, including barometer, manometer, pressure transducer and pressure gauge calibration. Turnaround is fast and adjustment results are trustworthy

Pressure Calibration Process

Computerized pressure modules with limits from vacuum to 40,000 PSI are used to perform pressure calibration services and record the readings. It is standard to practice the instrument to its full capacity multiple times before beginning calibration. Similarly, as with most alignments, a standard with a known value or capacity is compared to the instrument being calibrated during the pressure calibration process. Most instruments undergo a 5-point pressure calibration, whereby the inspection occurs at every 20 percent of limit. A higher accuracy pressure transducer or pressure gauge calibration will incorporate 10 inspection points at every 10 percent of limit.

Mass Calibration

Weight, Comparator, Scale Calibration And More
During Mass Calibration, the test weights derived from the calibrated items are compared to specified measurement standards. The process will determine if the accuracy of measurements is being maintained. Adjustments can be made to instruments to bring measurements within tolerances or weights can be replaced as needed.

You Can Count On Accuracy

Mass calibration is performed in a lab with constant temperature and humidity control to ensure that weights and instruments are stabilized before and during measurement. The climate-controlled room is maintained at 68°F ± 1°F with 30-50% relative humidity. Under these conditions, our technicians can calibrate to 0.00001 of a gram.
Weight calibration services are available for a wide-range of classes, including A, B, C, F, M, P, Q, S, S-1, T, 1, 1.1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6, as defined in the specification NIST/NBS Handbook 105-1 & 44, NBS Circular 547 and ANSI/ASTM E617. Highly reliable equipment is capable of performing balance calibration, scale calibration and comparator calibration on instruments with capacities to over 1,000 lbs.

Mass Calibration Process

Telecon Systems is equipped with a number of scales designed to handle mass calibration of standards and instruments at various weights and accuracies. The calibration entails a weight comparison from the scale readout against a known standard or mass value. The precision mass standards used for calibration are of a known accuracy

We Are Recognized For:

  • Fast turnaround for the most calibration services, calibrating test equipment’s and process standard instruments with our calibrated masters
  • Rush calibration service, i.e. overnight and 2-day service
  • Highly skilled staff and working in shift to meet customer need
  • Instrument pickup and delivery in the local location
  • Worldwide shipping as well as with in India shipping
  • Notification for calibration due letter when instruments are due for calibration

Calibration Facilities

  • Pressure Gauge (Analogue/Digital)
  • Pressure Transmitter (Analogue/Digital)
  • Vacuum Gauge (Analogue/Digital)
  • Vacuum Transmitter (Analogue/Digital)
  • Digital Low-Pressure Gauge
  • Diff. Pressure Gauge
  • Diff. Pressure Transmitter
  • Magnehelic Gauge
  • Low pressure Manometers (Analogue/Digital)
  • Pressure Switch
  • Pressure Safety Valve
  • Control Valve (Pressure/Temperature)
  • Pressure Calibrators
  • Pressure Transducers
  • Vacuum Transducer
  • Thermal (Temperature) FROM 50°C to 600°C
  • RTD Sensors
  • Thermocouple Sensors
  • RTD with Indicator
  • Thermocouple with Indicator
  • Temperature Indicator/Controller with sensor
  • Data Logger/recorder with Sensor
  • Temperature Gauge
  • Temperature Switch
  • Temperature Transmitter
  • Glass Thermometer
  • Digital Thermometer